Ferrari F25 Superfast. Ferrari World Design Contest 2011

Project presentation in Maranello

1:4 scale model

Final presentation 
Ferrari F 25 Superfast


The starting point of the project was to evaluate how will be the environment around us in 2025, and what will be the circumstances in which our Ferrari is going to move. During the first phase the main inspiration was born and developed around the concept of futurism, an Italian art movement of the twentieth century. In Futurist works is almost always a constant research of dynamism that is the subject is never stationary but moving. Our vehicle wants to bet on the sensation of speed that wants to transmit even when stationary, the uniqueness of the shape, immediately recognizable and functional, the clean of style and rationality in the use of lines and stylistic elements. The aim of our project was to set up a car developed for maximum performance, with the capacity to maintain unchanged the balance of  internal stability (performance, aerodynamics, cooling components), at the changing of external conditions, through self-regulating processes. 
This happens in living organisms by means of  homeostasis, that is the continuous series of actions/reactions, to maintain stability. Our Ferrari wants to look like a living organism, to increase driving pleasure and create a strong connection between man and car. It may help also to establish another fundamental relationship, between man and nature. In this project we develop these concepts by integrating innovative technologies, which give the possibility to revolutionize the style and that could provide huge benefits in terms of aerodynamics, resulting in the achievement of unique shapes and hallmarks.

Technology and materials:

- Parts  of  body:
In specific areas of the body more susceptible to shocks, we used a self repairing plastic named Automend. 
- Bumper and seats:
In areas of the inner lining of shares that are subject to shocks  was introduced a material with a great ability to dissipate the shock, the BetaGel.
- Thermal insulation:
In areas where it’s necessary to have excellent thermal insulation was used Aerogel, a semitransparent substance that at solid state is similar to gel in which the liquid component is replaced with gas. 
- Propulsion:
In the propulsion system of F25 Superfast has adopted a layout with 4 electric motors, located at the wheels, electrically powered by a battery that is charged by a hydrogen turbine.

3D Model Alias Autodesk

Middle presentation  

First phase: